We recently used National Temporary Fencing’s folding water filled barriers at a local festival for crowd control. These barriers were easy to set up and effective, especially considering the crowd. At first I thought it was unnecessary to buy rather than hire but the ones we bought fold up and store so easily, I almost want to plan another festival just to use them again. Well, maybe wouldn’t go that far but I can foresee several uses for them at smaller events too.

Jim, DJ and Event Coordinator

The company I work for bought a lot of panels to surround a construction zone. I was in charge of setting them up. I have to say they went together easier than any I’ve ever used before and looked perfect. I was able to get the angles I wanted and still allow pedestrian traffic to go through safely without feeling like being trapped in a maze. The best thing is I can remove them to the next site in future without any trouble.

Dan, Supervisor

My company used NTF’s hoarding panels and added some mesh banners. Some of the banners contained safety information and two displayed our logo and a small ad. It looked better than plain white panels in a long row. When they became dusty, cleaning was as easy as spraying off the dust and they looked good as new. We’ll be using these again as backdrops too.

Rick, Supply Chain Management