Mining sites provide the most challenging environments for safety and require highly durable temp fence solutions.

Since mining sites are among the most unforgiving of work environments, extreme strength and durability is demanded of all equipment and infrastructure. At National Temporary Fencing, our desire is to increase safety and lower the risk of accidents. We have many years experience working with supervisors of mining sites and are well-versed in the challenging demands of the industry. To that end, all our products are designed and manufactured to provide the highest possible level of safety for miners.

Every miner knows firsthand the stresses involved in going deep underground for the human body as well as the equipment used. We offer a wide range of temporary fence and barrier solutions, including fencing, mesh safety panels and more. Regardless of the type of mine, our equipment is designed to withstand the surroundings. Our equipment meets or exceeds the highest safety standards. Important features of our mining site fencing solutions include:

  • Fencing designed and manufactured with cutting edge technology
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia
  • Can withstand the harshest environments
  • Suitable for all types of mines
  • Large orders can be filled on short notice enable operation to continue

The mining industry is clearly a challenging one for everyone involved. We are up to the challenge and take pride in providing the best equipment on the double. Call us today to discuss your requirements.