Government projects require people who take responsibility seriously. Whether it’s maintenance works or new construction, you will need the best in temporary fencing solutions to maintain a safe working site.

National Temporary Fencing’s vast range of temp fence solutions includes hoarding fence panels, safety panels, crowd control and protective barriers along with a series of compatible accessories. Why use National Temporary Fencing for your project?

  • We have a reliable and responsible team able to assist in determining exactly what you need to ensure safety.
  • We will be on hand to ensure set up is done correctly.
  • Our products are meticulously designed to exacting specifications, manufactured in Australia and put through rigorous inspection and testing.
  • Our products are long lasting and durable regardless of harsh weather and environments.
  • Our team takes pride in being part of a government project.
  • Our well trained staff will personally ensure your fencing or barrier is installed swiftly and properly.
  • Deadlines don’t scare us away from getting the job done.
  • We understand time wasted equals money lost and we don’t want any part of being the cause of wasted time.
  • We keep a large stock in supply and can begin the delivery process as soon as the order is placed.

All government projects come with headaches and require steady attention to detail. We will gladly share part of the burden by providing the best quality and safety in temp fence solutions.