Most events, regardless of venue, require crowd control for safety.

Big events, such as concerts or soccer games, are exciting but organising such an event is not for the faint of heart. Rowdy crowds can be difficult and managing the inflow and outflow of pedestrian and automobile traffic can only be done properly and safely with the right infrastructure.

Fortunately, National Temporary Fencing provides a full range of crowd management control barriers that will aid in making any event successful. Whether it’s hordes of noisy sports fans, pedestrian traffic at a parade or concert, you’ll need sturdy control barriers for the job.

Our years of experience working with event organisers enables us to understand what is required to get the job done properly. Because we manufacture, deliver and install crowd control barriers, our team knows how to help.

Why are National Temporary Fencing’s products best?

Our products are superior because we build them ourselves. They are designed and built in Australia to highly exacting specifications, rigorously tested and inspected for quality, strength and durability. Other points that make our products superior include:

  • Yellow powder coated barriers for greater visibility
  • Custom powder coat that can be matched to company identity or branding
  • Ability to attach custom banner mesh signs for further advertising or direction
  • Lightweight water filled barriers are easily set up and moved around as required yet strong and durable once set in place
  • Folding barriers store easily for use in future events