Crowd Control

Crowd control just got easier.

Managing large crowds for events is a project that requires an artistic eye as well as a scientific one. It entails thorough planning and fearless execution. For effective crowd control, the best event planners use top notch equipment and infrastructure. Providing the best equipment and infrastructure is where National Temporary Fencing fits into the overall picture.

Functions Of Control Barriers

The main function of crowd control barriers is channeling crowds effectively.   Effective management of crowds is absolutely necessary for safety. Good control barriers help keep a steady flow of traffic coming in or exiting a venue rather than have crowd swells in certain areas. Whenever there is a crowd swell and a clog in flow, the level of safety drops. Good control barriers prevent disaster.

Why use National Temporary Fencing for crowd control?

Excellent crowd management starts with excellent products. Our products are made using the best materials such as long lasting galvanised steel for strength and durability. Our fences, barriers and accessories are manufactured in Australia using the latest technology available for strength and safety. Other considerations for choosing our temp fence solutions include:

  • Eye-catching yellow powdercoat adding a layer of safety in large crowds
  • Custom powdercoat colors available for company logos, branding or tailoring equipment to a specific event
  • Unruly crowds more easily managed with properly laid out barriers
  • Crowd control barriers that can be bolted into the ground and sturdy enough to withstand tremendous pressure

Let National Temporary Fencing take the stress out of crowd management. Call us today to discuss requirements and place your order.