At National Temporary Fencing, we understand construction zones.

Construction sites are notoriously noisy, not to mention dangerous. A well run construction site is one where the work progresses steadily in a manner that is also safe. Safety considerations include the workers as well as passing pedestrians or automobile traffic. National Temporary Fencing recognises the need for safety first which is why our company is the go-to for temp fences, hoarding panels and barriers of all types.

Product Features

Regardless of fence type required, you can be assured that whatever we deliver will be easily installed and able withstand harsh conditions. Harsh conditions can include strong winds, driving rain, vibrations and sudden shocks, all of which are common to construction zones.

Our products are specially designed and manufactured in Australia to exact specifications for top quality strength and durability. Our purpose is to provide a product suitable for even the harshest environments and inclement weather.


Having worked closely with leaders in the construction industry for many years, we can help with temp fencing for any project. We’re also acutely aware of the fact that time wasted is money lost so the moment a temp fence or barrier order is placed, we go into high gear and start loading a truck. We take pride in being able to deliver what is required on very short notice. We’re able to do so because we keep a large stock in supply at all times. With National Temporary Fencing, you won’t experience the frustration of hearing the words backorder or unavailable. Call us today to discuss our products and place your order.