Temporary Fencing Use

Who uses a temporary fence and why? Temp fencing is required for a number of reasons.

Industries such as construction, roadwork and mining are danger zones to anyone untrained or unfamiliar with these types of work sites. Separating pedestrian or automobile traffic from dangerous construction zones as required by law is one use among many. Besides safety, temp fences keep construction areas more aesthetically pleasing while work is being done. For instance, a local mall might be in the process of updating space. The work space is noisy and dusty creating a safety hazard and causing people to avoid the area.
However, if it’s blocked off by bright clean hoarding panels, then shoppers will continue on to the adjacent stores.

Crowd control is another use for temporary fencing. Barriers and temp fences with gates provide access to large events with easy to navigate areas that keep traffic moving smoothly. Crowd control barriers and temp fences with gates can help control the flow of people entering and exiting specific areas. When crowds are managed properly, accidental injury is much less of a headache.