For hoarding fence panels that are quickly and easily installed, call National Temporary Fencing Melbourne today.

We keep a large stock in supply and can arrange delivery the moment your order is placed. We serve numerous industries in Melbourne and throughout Australia and understand that time is money which is why we don’t waste time having you wait weeks for delivery. Here are a few reasons our hoarding panels are favoured and our customers return when more supplies are required.

The temporary hoarding fence panels we sell are easy to install, usable in a variety of configurations and durable. Our panels can be installed with angles, recesses and curves. Engineered to precise specifications, our temporary hoarding fence is safe and effective for small or large areas.

Weight – Our hoarding fence panels are lightweight yet versatile enough for a wide range of environments, indoors or out, accommodating corners, recesses and curves with equal ease.

Stability – Despite being lightweight, our hoarding fence panels are tough and safe as possible. The supports we provide are made of fabricated steel to ensure stability even in harsh or windy weather.

Ease of Transport – Since the hoarding fencing is so lightweight, the panels can be transported with a pick-up truck. This is convenient for clients as well as environmentally friendly making the situation a win-win.

Appearance – National Temporary Fencing understands the importance of maintaining a positive corporate identity. Our panels are designed to look attractive and project a professional image despite being erected around a chaotic work site. We offer branding solutions for display on your panels which reinforce a positive corporate image while work is in progress.

Reusability – Since both saving money and the environment are important to our clients, our hoarding panels can be recycled. Once used, they can be easily transported and stored in a warehouse then reused later when needed or recycled into new panels or products.