Take the opportunity to strengthen your corporate identity with National Temporary Fencing Melbourne’s outdoor branding solutions.

Outdoor advertising in Melbourne and beyond just got easier. Banner mesh or shade cloth printed with your logo looks great on temp fence or hoarding panels. If you’re unsure whether or not to take the additional step of outdoor temporary branding, here are some pros.

Publicity – Forging strong brand identity is half the battle of any successful business. Potential clients and customers react and relate to what they easily recognise. Take advantage of this to showcase your logo or brand. Public spaces receive large volumes of pedestrian and/or automobile traffic so the more eyes on your logo, the easier your business is to market. Banner mesh and printed shade cloth are both easy and cost effective ways to do this and have the added bonus of being reusable.

Cost – Marketers will tell you advertising is a huge chunk of any business budget. By taking advantage of temp fences to hang banner mesh or shade cloth signage, you’re gaining advertising with very little expense. Most temporary fences or barriers are erected in busy public spaces.

By using the opportunity to expose your logo, tens of thousands of people will see it and remember. The fence doesn’t even have to be your own. Frequently, coordinators of large events look for corporate sponsors to hang banners and signs to add colour and excitement to the event itself. Mesh banners and printed shade cloth is a proven method of achieving publicity at a fraction of the usual marketing cost.

Safety – Besides publicity, safety is another reason banner mesh signs should be added. If fencing panels are erected in a hazardous zone, the warning signs can be quickly affixed to warn employees and passersby of any possible danger. Signs can indicate trespassers have stepped into a dangerous area or provide information regarding proper safety equipment required to go further.