National Temporary Fencing Melbourne keeps full stock and delivers crowd control and traffic barriers in Victoria and throughout Australia.

Our wide selection of barrier solutions from roadside crash protection to pedestrian management during large events will impress the most particular client. Crowd control barriers Melbourne will work with closely with clients to determine what products will best suit the situation and ensure all components are delivered on the double. At National Temporary Fencing Melbourne, we understand time wasted is money lost. You can count on us to have your back, and barriers, when you need us.

Deltabloc concrete crash barrier – Utilising the latest available technology, our Deltabloc concrete crash barriers are unprecedented for being lightweight, flexible, easy to install and most importantly, able to properly deflect cars travelling at high speeds. Find out how good the Deltabloc concrete barrier really is by speaking to a sales representative today.

Crowd control barriers – When managing large crowds, the job typically requires crowd control barriers of some type. Our crowd control barriers are composed of panels that interlock with ease in a multitude of configurations to suit the layout of the environment. We can handle everything from a small private party to a large sporting event or concert. Consider ordering our brightly coloured barriers which are popular to use in areas and for events that see large amounts of pedestrian traffic.

Workzone barriers – When blocking off a workzone, we have the perfect barrier. Our long lasting workzone panels, made of extremely durable thermoplastic, are lightweight, easy to transport and install. When done, they are equally easy to remove and store or set up again at the next location.

Water fillable pedestrian barriers – Do you require the convenience of easy installation and lightweight material in your barriers but is both stable and sturdy? Our water fillable pedestrian barriers are just the thing. The lightweight, simple to maneuver system becomes extremely stable once filled with water.

Folding water filled barriers – Even easier and lighter to use than our basic water fillable barriers, are our folding water barriers. The ability to fold them brings a whole new level of simplicity when transporting, storing and installing. But don’t be afraid to use them in harsh environments such as mining and construction. Ideal for the tight spaces in mining and durable enough for outdoor use, these barriers will impress the most discerning job supervisors.

Mesh safety panels – Do you need to increase the level of coverage vertically? Check out our durable mesh panels which can be fitted with ease to our crash barriers.

Edge protection – Edge protection is essential where hazardous precipices and drop-offs occur. Our edge protection panels are strong and can withstand wind and bad weather, making edges easier to navigate with safety.